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Frontier knife and steel

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This is one of my okd time Frontier knives. Although it is new it is made to look like it has been around for a few centuries. It is 4mm carbon steel with a stabilised Sycamore handle.  The blade is 4 1/2 inches long.

It comes with a jumbo fire steel and an integral holder or saddle to hold it. This is a knife that will last a lifetime or much more. If you have any questions about this knife don't hesitate to let me know.

The Frontier knife

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The Frontier is a good all round utility/camp knife that is made to remind us of the old frontier times. It is made with 01 carbon steel but has an acid etch to give it an old used look. The handle is stabilised burr Elm and I have chosen copper fittings because copper will dull down and look old very quickly and blend better with the image of the knife.

It has a flat grind with a secondary bevel which is very easy to keep very sharp. It has a 4 1/2 inch blade and a 4 3/4 inch handle. 

The sheath is one of my woodland patterns where each leaf has been hand stained and then finished with an antiquing stain.  Knife and sheath are completely hand made.


Amber Bushcraft Knife

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I love this Amber dyed bone, it looks good and has a great feel to it.The handle is held on with Gflex epoxy resin and brass Loveless bolts.  This is a woodlore type bushcraft knife made with 01 carbon steel and has a scandi grind. It has a four inch blade with a four and a half inch handle. The sheath is made with thick veg tanned leather, also completely hand made.

Maple Bushcraft set. SOLD.

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This is a bushcraft knife that comes with a free companion neck knife. Both made with 01 carbon steel and have scandi grinds. The handles are stabilized quilted Maple and there are red G10 liners.  The large knife is 4mm thick and the small is 3mm.

The sheaths are completely hand made like the knives and have the dragon scale pattern.

Bushcraft knife oak pattern

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This is a standard Woodlore style bushcraft knife made with 4mm 01 carbon steel.  It has a stabilized spalted Sycamore handle with brass fittings.   The 4 inch blade has a scandi grind.

The blade is deep etched with an oak leaf pattern. It comes with a hand sewn leather sheath.  I made a second sheath with this knife that will come free, it will take most other bushcraft knives.

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