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The Hybrid. woodlore /skookum


This knife came about when a customer asked me to combine the Woodlore blade with the Skookum handle. it has great scope for creativity.

The Woodsman


This very comfortable knife is a new idea that I have writen about in my blog.   One of my favourite knives .

The Workhorse


This is made with 5 mm thick steel and has a deeper scandi grind.  It has the feel of a knife that can do anything. Difficult to make but it has great looks as well as being super tough.

The Skookum


The Skookum is one of my standard knives these days with its welded butt plate. A tough knife that can come in a variety of handle materials.

Standard Bushcraft knife


Based on the Woodlore knife this has become a standard shape throuout the Bushcraft world,  also the steel is a standard 01 carbon steel. This one has a Reindeer handle.

The Nessmuk


The Nessmuk is a classic wilderness knife.

Also in 01 steel with any handle material you like.

Large knives. Bowie


I make a variety of large knives.  Bowies are a favourite.  The possibilities are endless. The sheath is  also a platform for being more creative.

The Frontier knife


This has become one of my standard knives.  It introduces the ageing process where I acid etch the blade to give it the old frontier look.

Neck knives


Of course a neck knife can compliment a sheath knife very well. For those little jobs around the camp