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A walk in the woods

For the first time in over a year I went for a walk.   The possibility of ending up paralised from the waste down is real if I overstep my capabilities, the catch of course is we have no idea where that boundry is. 

 After months of careful consideration I have decided to take my chances rather than forever stay indoors  worrying that if I go out  I might loose the ability.  Of course I will be careful but I can't be so careful as to loose my contact with the outdoors, this past year has been absence enough.

Today was like being set free, the birds are just getting busy and the leaves and buds are just showing, like the willow in the picture.  In the next few weeks I will be trying a night out by the campfire.  It may end up making my relationship with the outdoors even better because there will be no agendas other than just being there, the slowness of it may even bring back  a long lost element.